Scouts and Explorers (2mo to 3yrs)

Scouts (2 months to 17 months)

The world is brand new for these precious ones who are scouting out their new environment.
Our teachers focus on stimulating your scout’s cognitive development while reinforcing emotional stability. We are sure to keep our student/teacher ratio below the state requirement in order
to provide exceptional individual attention and care for your child.

Explorers (beginning at 18 months)

Everything is changing for these ambitious little ones who are acquiring mobility and speech. They experience
the world in a whole new way, exploring everything as they go! This group begins the development of a concrete foundation for cognitive, behavioral and social skills. We also introduce “potty training” to those students and parents who are ready to master it.
By promoting independence and developing their emerging awareness of social behavior, we help your child
explore life beyond their own little world.

Students exit our program reading at least one
grade level above peers.